126 Pumpkin Puns: Harvesting a Bountiful Patch of Laughter

Fall is here, and with it comes the vibrant hues of changing leaves, cozy sweaters, and, of course, the delightful presence of pumpkins! Pumpkins are not only a symbol of the season but also a versatile ingredient in both culinary and decorative endeavors. In this article, we’re going to add a touch of humor to your autumn festivities by sharing 126 pumpkin puns that are sure to make you chuckle. So, grab your pumpkin spice latte, sit back, and enjoy these playful puns!

Funny Pumpkin Puns

Funny Pumpkin Puns

  1. A pumpkin a day keeps the goblins away!
  2. Be of gourd cheer.
  3. Don’t go(urd) breaking my heart.
  4. Don’t gourd breaking my heart.
  5. Give ’em pumpkin to talk about.
  6. Go big or gourd home.
  7. Gourd of the rings.
  8. Gourd vibes only.
  9. Have a gourd day!
  10. Have a gourd time this Halloween!
  11. Hey gourd-geous!
  12. I only have pies for you.
  13. I used a pumpkin to summon ghosts. It was an Ouija gourd.
  14. I’m a bit of a country pumpkin.
  15. I’m ahead of the carve.
  16. I’m on the rind 24/7.
  17. I’ve been pumpkin iron at the gym
  18. I’ve never met a pumpkin I didn’t like.
  19. Let the gourd times roll!
  20. Let’s “carve out” some fun this fall.
  21. Let’s give ’em pumpkin to talk about.
  22. Life is gourd.
  23. My gourd luck charm.
  24. Oh my gourd, I love fall!
  25. Oh, dear gourd!
  26. Orange you pumped for Autumn?
  27. Orange you pumped that it’s almost Halloween?
  28. Patch you later!
  29. Say hollow to my little friend!
  30. Slipped on a pumpkin. It caught me off gourd.
  31. Squash goals.
  32. Time to get smashed!
  33. We have nothing but gourd intentions.
  34. Welcome to the pun-kin patch!
  35. What happens when you drop a pumpkin? It goes squash!
  36. What’s cooking, gourd looking?
  37. When in doubt, gourd it out.
  38. Wow, this pumpkin is totally jacked.
  39. You are the pumpkin of my pie.
  40. You struck a gourd with me.
  41. You’re the pick of the (pumpkin) patch.

Pumpkin Pie Puns

Funny Pumpkin Puns 6

  1. Bake my day.
  2. Beauty is in the pie of the beholder
  3. Call me the piece maker
  4. Cutie pie
  5. I only have pies for you
  6. I spy with my little pie
  7. I’ve got my eyes on the pies
  8. Pie beg to differ!
  9. Pie love spending time with you
  10. Pie’ve been waiting all season for this
  11. Piece and love
  12. Piece out
  13. Pumpkin pi
  14. The best that money can pie!
  15. War and Piece
  16. You occu-pie my thoughts
  17. You want a piece of me?
  18. You’re the pumpkin pie of my eye.

Pumpkin Spice Puns

Funny Pumpkin Puns 5

  1. Blood Type: Pumpkin Spice.
  2. I love you a pumpkin spice latte.
  3. I only drink pumpkin spice—just call me a basic witch.
  4. Let’s pumpkin spice things up!
  5. Pumpkin spice and everything nice!
  6. Pumpkin Spice season is finally here! Better latte than never.
  7. Pumpkin spice, spice, baby.
  8. Sorry I’m latte. I had to pick up my pumpkin spice.
  9. That’ll do spicely!
  10. There’s a big difference between yoga and pie-lattes.
  11. Unless it’s pumpkin spice, I don’t give a frappe.

Jack-O’-Lantern Puns

Funny Pumpkin Puns 1


  1. Carving out some time for fun
  2. Don’t be a jerk-o-lantern
  3. Get off my jock-o-lantern
  4. Happy Hollow-ween!
  5. Hit the road, jack-o-lantern
  6. Hollow-queen.
  7. How do you fix a cracked jack-o’-lantern? With a pumpkin patch!
  8. I have to spill my guts, I love Halloween!
  9. I’m ahead of the carve
  10. I’m feeling empty inside
  11. I’m hollow inside.
  12. Let’s get glowing
  13. Let’s get lit!
  14. Time to jack up my pumpkin
  15. We’re carving out some leisure time.
  16. Who’s ready to carve out some fun?
  17. You don’t know jack-o’-lantern.
  18. Your smile lights up a room

Pumpkin Jokes

Funny Pumpkin Puns 4

  1. A pumpkin says to a jack-o’-lantern, “All we ever do is sit around on the stoop. Don’t you want to mix it up, try something different?”The jack-o’-lantern replies, “I don’t have the guts.”
  2. How did the jack-o’-lantern quit smoking?The pumpkin patch.
  3. How do you repair a broken jack o’ lantern?Use a pumpkin patch.
  4. How does a pumpkin listen to Halloween music?On vine-yl.
  5. What are gourds afraid of?Things that go pumpkin the night.
  6. What did Cinderella say when her carriage turned into a pumpkin?“Oh my gord!”
  7. What did one Pumpkin say to the other?“Happy Hollowing!”
  8. What did the orange pumpkin say to the green pumpkin?“You look a little sick.”
  9. What did the pumpkin say after Thanksgiving?“Good-pie, everyone.”
  10. What did the pumpkin say to the pie baker?“Use apples, instead.”
  11. What did the pumpkin say to the pumpkin carver?“Cut it out.”
  12. What did the pumpkins say at happy hour?“Let’s get smashed.”
  13. What did the queasy pumpkin say?“I don’t feel so gourd.”
  14. What do adventurous pumpkins do for fun?Go bungee gourd jumping.
  15. What do you call a fat jack-o-lantern?A plumpkin.
  16. What do you call a pumpkin that works at the beach?A life-gourd.
  17. What do you call an athletic pumpkin?A jock o’ lantern.
  18. What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?Pumpkin Pi.
  19. What do you get when you drop a pumpkin?Squash.
  20. What is a pumpkin’s favorite sport?Squash.
  21. What kind of romance do pumpkins enjoy?A mushy romance.
  22. What’s a pumpkin’s favorite genre?Pulp fiction.
  23. What’s black, white, orange, and waddles?A penguin carrying a pumpkin.
  24. What’s the best thing to put into a pumpkin pie?Your teeth.
  25. What’s the problem with eating too much pumpkin pie this time of year?You’ll get autumn’y ache.
  26. What’s the pumpkin’s favorite Western?The Gourd, The Bad, and The Ugly.
  27. What’s the ratio of a pumpkin’s circumference to its diameter?Pumpkin pi.
  28. When asked how he was feeling, what did the pumpkin say?“I’m vine, thanks!”
  29. Where do pumpkins hold meetings?The gourdroom.
  30. Where do pumpkins like to live?In the seedy part of town.
  31. Who helps the little pumpkins cross the road safely?The crossing gourd.
  32. Why are jack-o-lanterns so smart?A candle makes them bright.
  33. Why did everyone think the jack-o-lantern was evil?It had a wicked candle inside it.
  34. Why do pumpkins perform so poorly in school?Because they had all their brains scooped out.
  35. Why do pumpkins sit on people’s porches?They have no hands to knock on the door.
  36. Why was Cinderella bad at football?Because she had a pumpkin for a coach.
  37. Why was the gourd so gossip-y?To give ’em pumpkin’ to talk about.
  38. Why was the jack-o’-lantern so forgetful?Because he’s empty-headed.

Funny Pumpkin Puns 3


How can I incorporate pumpkin puns into my Halloween decorations?

You can create punny signs with phrases like “Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice” or “Creep it Real” on your pumpkins. You can also use pumpkin-shaped chalkboards or print out punny pumpkin quotes to display around your house.

Are there any pumpkin puns suitable for kids’ activities?

Absolutely! Kids love a good pun, and pumpkins offer a perfect opportunity for playful wordplay. You can use puns like “I’m falling for you” with a pumpkin falling from a tree or “Orange you glad it’s fall?” with a cheerful pumpkin illustration.

Can you share a pumpkin pun suitable for social media captions?

Sure! How about “Life is gourd when you have pumpkin spice and everything nice!”? It’s a lighthearted way to celebrate the joys of the season.

Are there any pumpkin puns related to love and relationships?

Definitely! You can use puns like “You’re my pumpkin, my perfect patch” or “You light up my pumpkin patch” to express your affection in a playful and pumpkin-themed way.

Funny Pumpkin Puns 2


With these 126 pumpkin puns, you’ll be armed with the perfect arsenal of wordplay to brighten up your fall festivities. Whether you’re carving pumpkins, preparing pumpkin-flavored treats, or simply enjoying the beauty of these orange wonders, these puns will add an extra layer of fun and laughter to your autumn celebrations. So, get ready to “squash” the competition with your wit and humor this season!

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