176 Halloween Puns That Are Ghoulishly Funny 2024

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to embrace the spirit of the season than with some wickedly clever Halloween puns? Whether you’re crafting a spooky costume, planning a haunted gathering, or just looking to add a touch of humor to your Halloween festivities, these 176 Halloween puns are sure to tickle your funny bone. From ghoulishly good wordplay to spine-tingling puns, this list has something for everyone. Get ready to laugh, groan, and howl with delight as we dive into the world of Halloween humor.

Funny Halloween Puns 1

Funny Halloween Puns

  1. A bag of tricks and treats.
  2. A scare is born tonight!
  3. Bat to the bone.
  4. Bugs and hisses.
  5. Come as you aren’t.
  6. Creep it real.
  7. Creepin’ it real.
  8. Don’t be a jerk-o-lantern.
  9. Eat, drink, and be scary.
  10. Fangs for the memories.
  11. Feeling gourd, like I should.
  12. Frankly, I don’t think I’m that scary.
  13. Give ’em pumpkin to talk about.
  14. Goblin candy all night.
  15. Hallo-scream!
  16. Hallow-queen of Halloween.
  17. Happy Howl-oween.
  18. Have a fang-tastic Halloween!
  19. Hello, gourd-geous.
  20. I didn’t want to play it safe with a skeleton costume, I want people to know I have guts.
  21. It feels a lot like Howl-oween!
  22. Life is gourd.
  23. Looking for a bunny costume because it’s hoppy hour.
  24. Mummy of the year.
  25. My costume is eerie-sistible.
  26. Oh my gourd!
  27. Orange you excited for Halloween?
  28. The zombie thinks this is the best thing since sliced head.
  29. Time to get this party startled!
  30. Too cute to spook.
  31. Trick or tequila.
  32. Trick or treat yo’ self.
  33. Vampires are a pain in the neck.
  34. You’re just my (blood) type.
  35. You’re the pick of the patch.

Trick-or-Treat Puns

Trick-or-Treat Halloween Puns

  1. Bone appetit!
  2. Don’t go goblin up all my candy!
  3. Enjoy goblin up all your Halloween candy — just don’t let it go to waist!
  4. Goblin up candy all night.
  5. Halloween candy is yummy and all, but don’t forget to save room for “I scream.
  6. Halloween makes me so (candy) corny.
  7. Halloween night Pop Rocks my world.
  8. Here’s to a Halloween full of Snickers and (Almond) Joy.
  9. Hope your Halloween is full of Snickers and (Almond) Joy!
  10. I did some exorcise to prepare for all this candy.
  11. I will gourd this candy with my life!
  12. I won’t let you slip through my Butter Fingers.
  13. I’m going to need to exorcise a lot after all this Halloween candy.
  14. I’m not playing Twix when I say I love this holiday.
  15. It may be (candy) corny, but I love Halloween!
  16. No matter how much Halloween candy you eat, it always seems to go to waist.
  17. No matter what costumes they wear, when the Halloween candy comes out, everyone is a goblin!
  18. Starbursting to eat all this candy.
  19. The Halloween candy is spook-tacular.
  20. This will definitely come in candy.
  21. Trick or treat yo’ self to some candy.
  22. What desserts do ghosts love? “I scream!”
  23. Witch better have my candy.
  24. Wow, this Halloween candy is spook-tacular.
  25. Your costume is so realistic that it’s un-candy!

Pumpkin Halloween Puns

Pumpkin Halloween Puns

  1. Carving out some time for Halloween fun.
  2. Feeling gourd, like I should.
  3. Get pumped for Halloween!
  4. Go big or gourd home!
  5. Gourd of the Rings.
  6. Having a gourd of a time!
  7. Hello, gourd-geous.
  8. I only have pumpkin pies for you.
  9. I will gourd my candy with my life!
  10. I’m the Pun-King.
  11. It’s easy to repair a broken jack-o’-lantern: Just use a pumpkin patch!
  12. Keep calm and pumpkin on.
  13. Let’s give ’em pumpkin to talk about.
  14. Let’s give ’em pumpkin to talk about.
  15. Let’s pumpkin spice things up.
  16. My costume really struck a gourd with me this year.
  17. Oh my gourd-ness, it’s finally Halloween!
  18. Pumpkin spice and everything nice.
  19. Pumpkin spice season is finally here, better latte than never.
  20. Slipped on a pumpkin today. It caught me off gourd.
  21. The Pun-kin King of Halloween!
  22. What’s a math teacher’s favorite Halloween treat? Pumpkin pi.
  23. You are the pick of the patch!
  24. You don’t know jack-o’-lantern.
  25. You’re the pumpkin of my eye.

Ghost and Skeleton Halloween Puns

Funny Halloween Puns about Ghost and Skeleton

  1. Bone to be wild.
  2. Boo-yah!
  3. Bugs and hisses.
  4. Do you play the trom-bone?
  5. Dying to have fun.
  6. Fasten your sheet belts!
  7. Get in the Halloween spirits!
  8. Ghouls just want to have fun
  9. Halloween is going to be great—I can feel it in my bones!
  10. Hey boo-tiful.
  11. I go to the bars for boos.
  12. I have one thing to say about this candy: Bone appétit!
  13. I think I have deja-boo.
  14. I would make a skeleton joke, but you wouldn’t find it very humerus.
  15. I’d tell you a joke, but you might not find it very humerus.
  16. If you’ve got it, haunt it.
  17. I’m bad to the bone.
  18. I’m here for the boos.
  19. It’s time to have some skele-fun.
  20. Just hanging out with my ghoul friends.
  21. Laughing ’til I’m coffin.
  22. Lazy bones.
  23. Let’s have some skele-fun.
  24. Looking fa-boo-lous.
  25. More boos, please.
  26. No body won the skeleton race.
  27. Romeo and Ghouliet.
  28. Shake your boo-ty!
  29. Some people have no guts.
  30. Squad ghouls.
  31. The ghost-ess with the mostest.
  32. This is a hip joint.
  33. What’s a ghost’s favorite dessert? I-scream.
  34. What’s the best place to hide from ghosts? The living room.Looking fa-boo-lous.
  35. Where do ghosts go shopping? A boo-tique!
  36. Where does a skeleton go for a fun night?” “Anywhere, as long as it’s a hip joint.
  37. Why did the ghost cross the road? Because it was a poultry-geist.
  38. Why was the skeleton sad? He had no body to trick-or-treat with.
  39. You can’t skele-run from my skele-puns.
  40. You’re my best ghoul-friend.

Witch and Wizard Puns

Witch and Wizard Halloween Puns

  1. Basic witch.
  2. Beware of Resting Witch Face.
  3. Be-witcha in a second!
  4. Bow down, witches.
  5. Can’t always get what you wand.
  6. Everything I brew, I brew for you.
  7. Feeling witchy.
  8. Grab your broomstick so we can make a clean getaway.
  9. Halloween’s not the same if I can’t be witch you.
  10. Here I am, warts and all.
  11. Hope your Halloween is hex-tra special.
  12. If the broom fits, fly it.
  13. It’s a brew-tiful day for eating tons of candy.
  14. Keep calm and carry a wand.
  15. Looking brew-tiful tonight!
  16. Resting witch face.
  17. What did Dracula say when the witch and the warlock started kissing? Get a broom!
  18. What’s up my witches?
  19. Wicked awesome.
  20. Witch and famous.
  21. Witch better have my candy.
  22. Witch upon a star.
  23. Witch way to the pumpkin patch?
  24. Witch, please.
  25. Witcha up to?
  26. Witchful thinking.
  27. Witching you a happy Halloween.
  28. You say witch like it’s a bad thing.
  29. You’ve got me under your spell.

Costume and Dress-Up Puns

Costume and Dress-Up Halloween Puns

  1. Time to put your best “boot-iful” costume forward!
  2. I’m so excited, I can’t “mask” my enthusiasm for Halloween costumes!
  3. Don’t “skirt” the opportunity to have a fantastic costume this year!
  4. Get ready to “dress to impress” with spook-tacular costumes!
  5. This Halloween, we’re “threading” the line between scary and stylish!
  6. This Halloween, I’m “hopping” into a bunny costume and having a “hare-raising” time!
  7. Let’s “paws” for a moment and appreciate these adorable animal costumes!
  8. It’s time to “monkey around” with some wild animal costumes this Halloween!
  9. I’m ready to “fly” into Halloween with my amazing bird costume!
  10. This Halloween, let’s “purr-fect” our feline costumes and be the “cat’s meow”!
  11. Let’s “buzz” with excitement in our bee costumes this Halloween!
  12. I’m “howling” with delight over these fantastic wolf costumes!
  13. Get ready to “horse” around with some farm animal costumes this Halloween!
  14. Time to unleash your “inner roar” with ferocious animal costumes!
  15. Let’s “bug” everyone with our incredible insect costumes this Halloween!
  16. Let’s “Marvel” at the superhero costumes and save the day this Halloween!
  17. Time to “spook-tate” everyone with our Stranger Things-inspired costumes!
  18. I’m going to “channel” my inner Star Wars character this Halloween!
  19. Let’s “transform” into our favorite Transformers characters this Halloween!
  20. I’m ready to “step into the TARDIS” with my Doctor Who costume!
  21. Get ready to “go to infinity and beyond” with our Toy Story costumes!
  22. Let’s “cast a spell” with our Harry Potter-inspired costumes this Halloween!


What is the best time to use these Halloween puns?

These Halloween puns can be used throughout the season, whether you’re planning a Halloween party, creating spooky decorations, or simply looking to entertain your friends and family.

Can I use these puns for social media captions?

Absolutely! These puns are perfect for adding a touch of Halloween humor to your social media posts. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, your followers will appreciate the festive wordplay.

Are these puns suitable for kids?

Most of the puns on this list are family-friendly and suitable for kids. However, it’s always a good idea to review the puns and consider the age appropriateness before sharing them with young children.

Can I incorporate these puns into Halloween-themed gifts or cards?

Absolutely! These Halloween puns are great for adding a humorous touch to Halloween-themed gifts, cards, or even spooky DIY projects. Let your creativity run wild!


Halloween is a time for both scares and laughter, and these 176 Halloween puns bring the perfect blend of spooky and hilarious wordplay to the haunting season. From classic Halloween themes to costumes, trick-or-treating, pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and wizards, this collection of puns covers it all. So, get ready to delight your friends, family, and social media followers with these ghoulishly good jokes. Remember, laughter is contagious, so share the fun and spread the Halloween spirit with these puns that will leave everyone howling with laughter. Happy Halloween!

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