250 Best Recessional Wedding Songs 2022

After your wedding ceremony has come to a close and you’ve officially said ‘I do,’ it’s time to get the party started! And what better way to kick off the celebrations than with a fantastic wedding recessional song to accompany your walk down the aisle as a married couple? We’ve pulled together a playlist of our favorite wedding exit songs that will set the tone for the festivities to come on the big day. Whether you want something classic and soulful or a chart-topping hit to get everyone up and out of their seats, these wedding recessional songs will help you make your debut as newlyweds before heading to the wedding reception.

Upbeat Wedding Exit Songs (Fun Recessional Songs)

Many couples choose a fun upbeat song for the ceremony recessional. We reached out to a group of wedding DJs and married couples to get their opinion on the best songs to use. Here are some of the more popular recessional songs:

Instrumental Wedding Recessional Songs (Traditional – Classical Ceremony Exit Music)

night wedding photo Wedding Ceremony Songs

If you are getting married in a church, or simply want a more traditional song to walk back down the aisle to, we have put together some of the more popular classical music selections to use for the wedding ceremony recessional (the bride and groom exit song).

Country Wedding Recessional Songs

If you are a fan of country music (or having a rustic wedding), you will love some of these country songs to use for the ceremony exit.

Funny Wedding Recessional Songs

This list of ceremony recessional songs is perfect for a couple with a sense of humor who wants to keep things a little more light-hearted.

R&B and Hip Hop Wedding Recessional Songs

R&B and Hip Hop Wedding Recessional Songs

Non Traditional Wedding Recessional Songs (Unique)

night wedding recessional exit songs

If you are looking for wedding recessional music that is a little less traditional or unique, you will love these songs!

Modern Wedding Recessional Songs For The Bride and Groom

Rock Recessional Songs For Wedding Party Exit (The Couple Too!)

If you are looking for rock-style wedding songs to walk out to after the ceremony, this is the song list for you:

Disney Wedding Recessional Songs

Wedding Recessional Songs From Movies and TV Soundtracks

These are some of the more famous songs that you know from your favorite movies or tv shows.


If you want the photos of your wedding exit to look their best, follow these tips for walking back down the aisle:
Look up when walking back down the aisle. Look wherever you want (at each other, straight ahead, at your family and friends, etc.). Just don’t stare at your feet.
Stop half way down the aisle and give each other a kiss (or a dip). Your friends and family will all be turned around looking at. They will cheer and clap. You will absolutely love these photos!
Don’t walk too fast. Give you photographer a chance to get a few awesome photos. Walking at a normal speed is perfect.
Your wedding party should leave a little space in between each couple when walking back down the aisle. We recommend leaving about 20-25 feet in between each couple.
Tell your wedding party to look up when walking back down the aisle.
Anyone carrying a bouquet should carry it low (you want to make sure that it is not covering part of your face).
Practice all of these quick tips at your ceremony rehearsal.

Your wedding recessional music should reflect your personality as a couple. Using upbeat music is not required, but many couples choose an upbeat song because walking back down the aisle as newlyweds is a very exciting time.

All of your friends and family are cheering and clapping, so upbeat or happy wedding recessional songs usually fit the moment.

Typically wedding ceremony recessional songs are instrumental if you are getting married in a church (but it doesn’t have to be). If you are getting married at a modern wedding venue (or pretty much anywhere that is not a church), your recessional song can be anything you want it to be.

Any song can be played at the end of a wedding ceremony, but if you are talking about the traditional wedding march that many movies or tv shows used to use, it is called “Wedding March” by Felix Mendelssohn (From A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

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