50 Beautiful Black Wedding Dresses You Will Love

[tps_header]It’s time to ditch the traditional white, brides are now rocking a black wedding dress! Let’s face it, not everyone feels comfortable wearing white (I know I didn’t!) and black is just as complementary when it comes to choosing headpieces, jewelry and shoes, so why not join the dark side and be a stand out bride? I don’t want to hate one the lighter end of the wedding dress spectrum, but as someone who eloped in a black dress, I like my frocks dark!Here are a few of our favorite black wedding dresses — and we’d love to see more!


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sophia tolli black and white wedding dresses

Sophia Tolli black and white floral wedding dress vera wang black and nude strapless wedding dresses Vera wang black and nude wedding dresses
Vera Wang LUXE Jaqueline dress for Vogue Bridal

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