100 Donut Puns That You’ll Love Dough Much

The donut is the epitome of cosmic perfection – it’s delicious, circular, and has a convenient hole in the center. Its colorful glaze, festive sprinkles, and irresistible aroma make it impossible to resist. In fact, it’s arguably the greatest creation in the world of pastries (apart from sliced bread, of course). In honor of this delightful treat, we’ve compiled a list of adorable donut puns. Trust us, these puns are so charming that they’ll have you craving these heavenly morsels of fried dough like never before.

Donuts are not only tasty, but they’ve also become a pop culture icon. Who can imagine a movie where police officers eat croissants, for example? And let’s not forget Homer Simpson’s love affair with donuts. They’re an integral part of our culture and daily lives, as essential as anything else. Plus, they’re sweeter than honey and more beautiful than a sunrise over the Caribbean sea. To express our appreciation for such an amazing treat, it’s only fitting that we use adorable donut puns. How else could we do it justice?

You’ll find that these puns, like donuts themselves, come in all shapes and flavors – some are sweet, some are delightful, and a few are only for true connoisseurs. In other words, there’s a donut pun for every taste! Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best donut puns we could find. Be sure to cast your vote for the tastiest one and share this article with your fellow donut-lovers. Enjoy!

Donut Puns

Donut Puns

We meant it when we said this list would be filled to the brim with donut puns! We hope you enjoy these jokes as much as we do. So don’t think we were kidding when we said it would be jam-packed with fun.

  1. As Yoda famously said, do or donut, there is no try. Do you think he was hungry?
  2. Do or donut, there is no try
  3. Donut be Jelly
  4. Donut disturb
  5. Donut enter
  6. Donut even think about taking another donut!
  7. Donut ever let me go
  8. Donut fear the reaper
  9. Donut give up
  10. Donut go breaking my heart
  11. Donut grow up
  12. Donut hate me because I’m beautiful.
  13. Donut judge me
  14. Donut kill my vibe
  15. Donut mind if I do.
  16. Donut stop believing
  17. Donut stop me now.
  18. Donut stop, get it, get it
  19. Donut underestimate the power of baked goods.
  20. Donut worry about a thing.
  21. Donut worry, be happy.
  22. Donut you forget about me
  23. Donut you think I’m cute?
  24. Donut you want me baby
  25. I donut care what you think, I am having another donut!
  26. I donut what I’d do without you
  27. I get the same flavor everyday, I just think I’m stuck in a bit if a do-rut!
  28. I’m donuts about you!
  29. It’s your birthday, let’s donuts!
  30. My favorite dinosaur is a diplo-donut.
  31. Stop! Donut enter.
  32. The hard work was all for do-naught
  33. You are such a weirdo-nut, but so am I!
  34. You donut how much I love you
  35. You’re driving me donuts!
  36. You’ve got this, donut give up!

Glazed Donut Puns

Glazed Donut Puns

Is the glaze the crowning glory of a donut? We certainly think it’s a strong contender! These donut puns are all about that delicious and shiny topping that takes the humble donut to the next level.

  1. Baby, I’m a-glazed by you.
  2. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s just a glaze.
  3. Glazed and confused
  4. Glazy day.
  5. Haven’t you heard? It’s the latest glaze.
  6. He went out in a glaze of glory
  7. I just love to glaze adoringly into your eyes.
  8. I may have glazed over that part.
  9. I’d go glazy without you.
  10. I’m a-glazed by you
  11. If you have two donuts, you could say you are double glazing.
  12. I’m just having one of those glaze!
  13. Let’s go glazy
  14. Oh my, that’s out-glaze-ous!
  15. They went down in a glaze of glory.
  16. What a beautiful bou-glaze of flowers.
  17. You are a-glaze-ing
  18. You drive me glazy
  19. You’re pretty a-glaze-ing.

Sprinkle Donut Puns

Sprinkle Donut Puns

Sprinkles are a fantastic addition to any donut! Whether it’s rainbow sprinkles or chocolate sprinkles, we’ll take them all. In our opinion, sprinkles are one of the greatest things you can add to a donut.

  1. A sprinkle in time.
  2. All the sprinkle ladies, all the sprinkle ladies (oh oh oh etc!)
  3. Did you hear about the girl at the donut shop? She caught sprinkles!
  4. Don’t worry, it’s just sprinkling outside.
  5. How many sprinkles should you have on a donut? We think hundreds and thousands sounds about right.
  6. It’s important to iron your apron, so it’s not all sprinkled.
  7. Let’s stop and have a sprink-le about it.
  8. Not too much frosting, I sprink-le we should just stick with glaze.
  9. Sprinkle sprinkle, little star.
  10. Sprinkled with love.
  11. There’s a 100% chance of sprinkles today.
  12. Today’s weather: cloudy with a chance of sprinkles.
  13. You’ve got a lovely sprinkle in your eye.

Donut Hole Puns

Donut Hole Puns

We must pay tribute to the brilliant mind who came up with the idea of using the inside of the donut to create donut holes. Your genius is greatly appreciated.

  1. Don’t be an a-hole
  2. Eat more hole foods, donuts count!
  3. Get ready for some good ol’ hole-some fun.
  4. Hole me closer, tiny donut
  5. Hole-y cannoli!
  6. Hole-y moley!
  7. I love you a hole lot
  8. I’m trying to add more hole foods to my diet.
  9. It’s like there’s this hole inside me…
  10. Just hole on a second…I want to stop and pick up some donuts!
  11. Oh, Hole-y Night…
  12. You’re so sweet and hole-some
  13. You’ve really got a hole on me

Dough Puns

It’s no surprise that donuts are made from dough – just look at their name! In honor of this delicious ingredient, here are some punny jokes all about doughnuts.

  1. Don’t worry about aging donuts—they’re just going through a-dough-lescence.
  2. Dough ifs, dough buts!
  3. Dough you like donuts? I dough!
  4. Dough you mind?
  5. Dough you think we should get donuts on the way home? I dough!
  6. Dough-n’t fall for it!
  7. Everything I dough, I dough it for you.
  8. I absolutely a-dough you.
  9. I a-dough-re you.
  10. I just don’t dough how you do it!
  11. Thank goodness its Fri-dough.
  12. Time to get that dough.
  13. Well, dough you or dough-n’t you?
  14. You are just so a-dough-rable.
  15. You’re a-dough-rable.

Punny Donut Jokes

Donut Puns Jokes 1

Although donut puns may be amusing, if you want something truly hilarious, check out these dough-tastic donut jokes! These jokes are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a chuckle to your lips.

  1. How busy was the donuts day? It was jam packed!
  2. What’s the healthiest part of a donut? The middle.
  3. What do donuts think about donut puns? They donut like them!
  4. What do donuts wear to weddings? Tuxe-doughs!
  5. What is a basketball players favorite donut shop? Dunkin’ Donuts!
  6. What did an angry donut say to his wife? Donut talk to me.
  7. What kind of donuts fly? Plain ones!
  8. Why did the clock in the donut shop run slow? It always went back four seconds!
  9. Why do donuts make terrible teachers? They’re always glazing over the important stuff.
  10. Why did the donut go to the dentist? It needed a filling!

We hope you had a blast reading these donut puns and jokes! We have put a lot of effort into creating a collection of family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy. We hope you had as much fun reading them as we had creating them.

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