100 Awesome & Romantic Bicycle Wedding Ideas

[tps_header]I love riding a bike! If you too, loves, you can always incorporate it into your big day! Take bikes for your walk with your beloved, put a bike with signs where to go, use it as a cake stand or hang bike wheels on the walls as a decoration. Decorate the bike with lush flowers, pompoms or wreaths, make it look dreamy! Your cake and cupcakes can be also decorated with little chocolate bikes or just toppers; make embroidery art hoops with bikes. Tiny bikes can be amazing favors, or you can pack your favors into bike-printed bags or paper. Get more creative ways below and enjoy your big day![/tps_header]

beach wedding photo 1950s Style wedding photo

bike adorned with flowers and a directional sign for guests rustic balloons bicycles wedding sign Bikes weddng ideas

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