120+ Bowling Puns And Jokes That’ll Strike Laughter

Bowling is a fun and exciting sport that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for decades. While the game itself is great, what’s even better is the ability to add some humor to it. That’s where bowling puns come in! These clever wordplays will not only make you laugh but also help you connect with fellow bowlers. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best bowling puns that will make you the talk of the alley.

Bowling Puns And Jokes 1

Bowling Puns

Waiting for your turn and socializing with your buddies constitute a significant portion of the bowling experience. And when it comes to cracking jokes, wordplay and puns are often the way to go. In fact, some of the best team names are born out of these jokes. If you take your bowling league seriously, then getting customized T-shirts with your team’s name can help foster a sense of camaraderie. So, whether you want to make your friends laugh or come up with an awesome team name, check out these bowling puns for inspiration.

Bowling Puns And Jokes 2

  1. 50 strikes in a row? Impossi-bowl.
  2. A gutter ball can be called an alley oops.
  3. Alley did was bowl.
  4. Be o-pin to new things.
  5. Boo-ling – Ghost-kind’s most popular sport.
  6. Bowl you over.
  7. Bowlers and Thanksgiving both want a turkey.
  8. Bowlers keep their minds out of the gutter
  9. Bowling is a sport for people who have the talent to spare
  10. Bowling is fun in your spare time
  11. Bowling is right up my alley
  12. Bowling my eyes out.
  13. Bowling thunder and lightning strikes
  14. Bowling your eyes out
  15. Bowl-loon animals were my favorite party trick.
  16. Do bowlers ever have time to spare?
  17. Go headfirst. Don’t runway.
  18. Guaca-bowli – A bowler’s favorite mexican dish.
  19. I gutter a nice gift for our anniversary.
  20. I love you a bowl lot.
  21. I really love the money and bowling (bling).
  22. I’m not skidding. It’s true.
  23. It doesn’t ring a bowl.
  24. It wasn’t even close. It was a bowl out.
  25. J.K. Bowling – The famous bowling author.
  26. Kids love bub-bowls.
  27. Let the good times bowl.
  28. Let’s rock and bowl.
  29. Let’s take our skids bowling.
  30. My favorite sport must be bowling because I always strike out with the ladies/men
  31. Never bowl with a mathematician. They always find X’s.
  32. No smoking: just a Lucky Strike
  33. Playing catch & throwing strikes
  34. Put your heart and bowl into it.
  35. That’s bowl-sy.
  36. The answer is bowling in the wind.
  37. The bowling alley took a long time to open, but we finally got the ball rolling.
  38. The bowling pins wanted a raise. So, they went on strike.
  39. They see me bowlin’, they hatin’.
  40. This is my bread and gutter.
  41. Toilet bowl-ing.
  42. You look impecca-bowl.
  43. You strike me as a fun person.
  44. You’re a bowl-d person.
  45. You’re adora-bowl.
  46. You’re unforgetta-bowl.
  47. You’ve got big bowls.

Bowling Related Puns

There are countless bowling-related puns out there, but we’ve rounded up some of the most creative and funny ones. For example, if you’re looking for a pun about strikes, you could say “I can’t believe how much I love bowling. It strikes me as odd.” Or if you want to make a pun about spares, you could say “I’m not good at math, but I know a spare when I see one.”

Bowling Puns And Jokes 3

  1. Ball’s well that ends well.
  2. Bowlers keep their minds out of the gutter.
  3. Bowlers love lane (laying) in bed all day.
  4. Bowling puns are right up my alley.
  5. Do you have a spare bowling pun?
  6. Feeling down in the gutter.
  7. Game on!
  8. Having a ball.
  9. I don’t give a split.
  10. I’ll get on it lickety split!
  11. I’m feeling a bit lanely.
  12. I’m on a roll.
  13. It’s ball or nothing.
  14. Just spare me from your bowling puns.
  15. Lane it on me.
  16. Leave no pin standing.
  17. Let the good times roll.
  18. Love at first strike.
  19. Love-striked (struck).
  20. Pin it to win it.
  21. Pin-a Colada – What bowlers drink to celebrate a strike.
  22. Pin-apple – A bowler’s favorite fruit.
  23. Pin-occhio – A bowling pin’s favorite fairy tale.
  24. Spare me from death.
  25. Spare me the details.
  26. Split happens.
  27. Split in two.
  28. Strike a deal.
  29. That’s how I roll.
  30. The bowling ball wasn’t happy so it went on strike.
  31. The twins bear a striking resemblance.
  32. They see me rollin’, they hatin’.
  33. This is my spare shirt.
  34. You look striking!

Bowling Sayings and Slogans

Bowling Puns And Jokes 4

Aside from puns, there are also many bowling sayings and slogans that are perfect for adding some personality to your bowling team or attire. One of the most popular sayings is “keep calm and bowl on.” This phrase is a fun twist on the classic “keep calm and carry on” and is a great reminder to stay focused on the game.

Another popular saying is “bowling is right up my alley.” This saying is a playful way to express your love for the sport and show off your sense of humor. If you’re looking for a more motivational slogan, you could go with “strike it big” or “roll with it.” These slogans are perfect for inspiring you to do your best on the lanes.

  1. 12 strikes and you’re perfect
  2. 300 or bust
  3. Bowlers never die, they just end up in the gutter
  4. Eat, sleep, bowl
  5. Gutterball gurus
  6. It’s never a good time to clean the gutters
  7. It’s not how you bowl, it’s how you roll
  8. Keep calm and bowl on
  9. Lean, mean, bowling machine
  10. My drinking team has a bowling problem
  11. Shut up and bowl
  12. Split happens
  13. Strikes ‘R’ Us
  14. Tenpin alley
  15. Try it, you’ll strike it

Bowling Jokes

Bowling Puns And Jokes 6

If you’re looking for some outright bowling jokes, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. How much should one bowling game cost?
    Ten pinnies.
  2. How was the chef playing bowling wrong?
    He was rolling pins.
  3. My son asked if we could go bowling.
    It depins.
  4. What did one romantic pin say to the other?
    Let’s never split.
  5. What did the Bowling Pin say when it was accused?
    I’ve been framed!
  6. What did the bowling pins do after hearing a joke?
    They fell down laughing.
  7. What do a bowler and a Thanksgiving guest have in common?
    They both want a turkey.
  8. What do you call a bowling team that gets a lot of strikes?
  9. What do you call a very dangerous bowler?
  10. What do you do if someone throws a grenade at you?
    Pull the pin and throw it back.
  11. What do you do if someone throws a pin at you?
    Run, they have a grenade in their mouth!
  12. What is my favorite sport to play in the toilet?
  13. What kind of cat likes to go bowling?
    An alley cat.
  14. What kind of vegetable doesn’t get a strike when bowling?
  15. What people are best at bowling?
    Those who have talent to spare.
  16. What’s a ghost’s favorite sport?
  17. Where do bowlers go when they need a new team shirt?
    New Jersey.
  18. Where does Superman like to go bowling?
    Lois Lanes.
  19. Which bowler floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee?
    Muhammad Alley.
  20. Which bowler wears the biggest shoes?
    The one with the biggest feet.
  21. Why are bowling pins so persistent?
    They always get knocked down, but they get back up again.
  22. Why did the bowling pins stop working?
    They went on strike.
  23. Why do bowlers join unions?
    They like strikes.
  24. Why do bowlers make bad employees?
    Because they’re always going on strike.
  25. Why is a good bowler a bad baseball player?
    Because he gets so many strikes.
  26. Why is bowling a better sport than golf?
    It’s hard to lose a bowling ball.
  27. Why should a bowling alley be quiet?
    So you can hear a pin drop!
  28. Why should you keep a pin and a bowling ball in the trunk of your car?
    To make sure you always have a spare.
  29. Why was Cinderella such a bad bowler?
    Her coach was a pumpkin.

In conclusion, bowling puns can be an effective way to stand out in a niche market and engage with your audience. By using these puns sparingly and in a natural way, you can increase the chances of your content appearing in search results and attract more traffic to your website. Remember to keep the puns appropriate for your target audience and to have fun with them!

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