115 Hilarious Taco Puns: Spice up Your Taco Night

Are you looking for a way to spice up your day and add a little humor to your life? Look no further than taco puns! These clever wordplays are the perfect way to bring a smile to your face and add some zest to your conversations. In this post, we’ll dive into the world of taco puns, explore their popularity, and provide you with some examples to add to your arsenal.

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What Makes Taco Puns So Funny?

There’s no denying that taco puns are hilarious, but why is this the case? Part of the reason is that they play off of the absurdity of language, twisting words and phrases in unexpected ways. They also use the familiar elements of a taco to create humorous situations, such as “lettuce taco ’bout it” or “I’m nacho friend anymore.”

Another reason why taco puns are so popular is that they are incredibly easy to remember. The simplicity of the puns makes them memorable, allowing them to stick in your mind and come to the forefront of your thoughts at just the right moment. This makes them the perfect way to break the ice or add a little humor to a situation.

Best Taco Puns

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  1. Can’t you taco hint.
  2. Contribute to my Ta-co Fund Me (go fund me)
  3. Have a fantas-taco day.
  4. Have a spec-taco-ler day!
  5. Hostile taco’ver
  6. I don’t really wanna taco bout it.
  7. I’m thirsty, can we get some ta-cola?
  8. Let’s Taco bout it
  9. My sister’s favorite drink is a pina taco-lada.
  10. Sometimes, you need to taco break.
  11. Taco back where you came from
  12. Taco big or taco home
  13. Taco chance on me
  14. Taco dirty to me
  15. Taco hike man!
  16. Taco No!
  17. Taco walk on the wild side
  18. Taco where you want to go
  19. Taco your time to think about life.
  20. Taco-conut – Mexican food in a shell.
  21. Taco-dile – the most ferocious food in the world.
  22. Taco-ly Moly!
  23. Tac-O-M-G
  24. That is a spec-taco-lar display of sportsmanship.
  25. The birthday person gets to hit the pina-taco.
  26. The new Mexican restaurant is the taco the town
  27. We can taco-ver the phone.
  28. You need taco-operate with us
  29. You’re just fantas-taco.

Taco Related Puns

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  1. A chip off the old block.
  2. Be my bae-ritto
  3. Bean there, done that.
  4. Burrito a friend, try to wake up
  5. Burrito the hatchet and let bygones be bygones
  6. Burrito your head in the sand
  7. Cats love to eat pur-ritos.
  8. Cheese (Seize) the moment!
  9. Cheese (Tis’ )the season to be jolly.
  10. Cheese pick up lines are just cheesy.
  11. Cheesus Christ – The savior of all cheesekind.
  12. Cheesy come, cheesy go.
  13. Cheesy puns just melt my heart.
  14. Corn you feel the love in the air?
  15. Corn’t we just get along?
  16. Crash and burn-rrito
  17. Dogs love to eat fur-ritos.
  18. Don’t be such a chip-skate.
  19. Emo-cheese (emojis) can help to convey feelings when texting.
  20. Eskimos love to eat brrrr-itos
  21. Even the best tacos fall apart sometimes.
  22. Free gift with any pur-cheese.
  23. Give it all you guac!
  24. Halloween is a great time for boo-rritos.
  25. He’s got a bad queso the flu.
  26. He’s such a cheddar-box.
  27. Hold me, I’m a mess.
  28. How have you bean?
  29. I bought those nachos at a really chip price.
  30. I guac you covered.
  31. I have utmost grate-itude for you.
  32. I need to work for that cheddar.
  33. I‘m going to get tacos by whatever beans necessary.
  34. I’m cheesed (pleased) to meet you.
  35. I’m not gonna be jalapeño (all up in your) business.
  36. I’m sailing the seven cheese.
  37. I’ve bean thinking of you.
  38. In queso emergencies, use this tacos.
  39. It’s a little chilli today.
  40. Let’s not burrito round the bush
  41. Lions love to eat grrrr-itos
  42. Meeting her was really guac-ward.
  43. Mex-cellent news, tacos are the best food ever.
  44. Mozart-ella – The legen-dairy music composer.
  45. She was really corned (kind) hearted.
  46. Spill the beans.
  47. Tacos have always bean my favorite.
  48. Tacos have fillings, too!
  49. That large truck is bean-ormous!
  50. That’s what cheese said.
  51. Three cheese for the new hero!
  52. We’re meant to bean.
  53. Where have you bean all my life?
  54. You are so burrito-ful to me
  55. You cheddar believe it.
  56. You corn count on me.
  57. You have to cheese (chase) your dreams.
  58. Your mission, if you cheese to accept it…
  59. Zom-beans love brains.

Taco Jokes

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  1. Did you hear about the new Mexican restaurant? It’s the taco the town!
  2. Did you hear about the tortilla rebellion? It was a hostile taco-ver.
  3. Did you hear that joke about the tacos?It was so cheesy.
  4. How do tacos usually travel?In a Taco-ma.
  5. What did one cheddar cheese say to the other cheddar cheese at
    prom?Looking sharp!
  6. What do you call a person who spilled tacos all over the floor?A messy-can!
  7. What do you call a semi-aquatic reptile that loves Mexican food? A tacodile.
  8. What does a taco say on Saint Patrick’s Day? “Taco the morning to ya!”
  9. What happens when a taco gets caught in the rain?It gets a queso the flu.
  10. What happens when you go on an all-cheese diet?You cheddar few pounds.
  11. What is a cheese lover’s favorite composer?Mozart-arella.
  12. What is a pirate’s favorite cheese?Ched-arrrrgh!
  13. What is a taco’s favorite dance?The salsa.
  14. What is a taco’s favorite TV show? Better Call Salsa.
  15. What kind of cheese do rodents like?Mousearella.
  16. What kind of person doesn’t like tacos?No Juan.
  17. What type of toppings does a duck want on its taco?Quack-amole.
  18. Where did the Beast take Beauty for a Mexican snack?Taco Belle.
  19. Who were the first cheese lovers ever?Edam and Eve.
  20. Why are taco chefs so happy in life?They season the moment.
  21. Why are tacos like South America?They have Chile on the side.
  22. Why are tortillas such bad conversationalists? They always tacover you!
  23. Why didn’t the chef slice his cheese?He had grater plans.
  24. Why do cheeses make bad musicians?They’re always sharp.
  25. Why does no one know Taco Bell’s secret recipe? Because they keep it under wraps!
  26. Why shouldn’t you trust tacos? Because they always spill the beans!

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Using Taco Puns in Your Social Media Strategy

If you’re looking for a way to increase engagement and connect with your audience on social media, taco puns are a great option. They’re fun, easy to remember, and will add a little humor to your feed. Here are a few tips for incorporating taco puns into your social media strategy:

  1. Use them sparingly. While taco puns are hilarious, too many of them can become tiresome. Use them sparingly to keep them fresh and avoid overwhelming your audience.
  2. Use visuals. Pairing your taco puns with visuals, such as photos of tacos or taco-related items, will make them even more effective. This will help your audience visualize the pun and make the connection between the pun and the visual, increasing the impact and engagement.
  3. Know your audience. Taco puns may not be appropriate for all audiences, so make sure you know your audience before using them. If your audience is more conservative or professional, consider using puns that are less silly and more sophisticated.
  4. Have fun with it. Remember that the point of using taco puns is to add some humor and personality to your social media strategy. Have fun with it, be creative, and don’t take yourself too seriously.


What is a taco pun?

A taco pun is a type of wordplay that uses the familiar elements of a taco to create humorous situations.

Why are taco puns so popular?

Taco puns are popular because they’re relatable, easy to remember, and inject some humor into any situation.

How can I use taco puns in my social media strategy?

Use taco puns sparingly, pair them with visuals, know your audience, and have fun with it.

Are there any situations where taco puns might not be appropriate?

Taco puns may not be appropriate for all audiences, such as more conservative or professional settings. Use your judgment and know your audience before using them.

Can you give me an example of a taco pun?

Sure! “Lettuce taco ’bout how awesome you are” is a great example of a taco pun that plays off the lettuce component of a taco to create a humorous situation.

In conclusion, taco puns are a great way to inject some humor and personality into your day. They’re versatile, easy to remember, and relatable, making them the perfect way to break the ice and connect with others. Whether you’re using them in casual conversations or incorporating them into your social media strategy, taco puns are a fun and lighthearted way to add some zest to your life. So next time you’re feeling a little shell-shocked, remember to embrace the pun and taco ’bout a good time!

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