Cheesy and Hilarious: 150 Cheese Puns to Make You Crack Up

Are you a cheese lover who also appreciates a good laugh? Then you’re in luck! In this post, we’re going to explore the world of cheese puns and why they’re so popular. From the cheesy to the downright hilarious, we’ll take a look at some of the best puns out there and how you can use them in your everyday life.

Cheese puns are a fun and creative way to add some humor to your conversations, whether you’re chatting with friends or writing a witty social media post. Not only do they make people smile, but they also show off your clever side. After all, coming up with a good pun requires some serious brainpower!

One of the best things about cheese puns is that they can be used in almost any context. Whether you’re talking about food, travel, or just life in general, there’s always a way to work in a cheesy joke. Plus, with so many different types of cheese out there, the possibilities are practically endless!

Best Cheese Puns

Best Cheese Puns

  1. A rind is a terrible thing to waste.
  2. Are you feeling bleu?
  3. By golly, I think cheese got it!
  4. Cheese just the best.
  5. Cheese the day.
  6. Cheese wisely.
  7. Cheesy does it now.
  8. Did you know gruyere is the new black?
  9. Got to brie-live in magic.
  10. Have you learned about the birds and the cheese?
  11. He went as fast as his legs curd carry him.
  12. How about you mind your own cheesewax.
  13. How can you make a mouse smile?Say cheese!
  14. How dairy not like these cheese puns?
  15. I couldn’t Havarti said it better.
  16. I’m grateful for your presence.
  17. Let’s pray to cheese-us everyday.
  18. Money doesn’t grow on cheese.
  19. Relax. Just take it cheesy.
  20. That’s what cheese said.
  21. This is cheesily the best list of cheese puns.
  22. This is cheesy as pie.
  23. This might sound so cheesy, but I think you are really grate.
  24. Three cheese for cheese puns!
  25. You are the cheesen one.
  26. What did the piece of cheddar say to the ghost?Don’t scare me—I’m Lac-ghost intolerant!
  27. Where would you find cottage cheese on a restaurant’s menu?Under the a la curd section!
  28. Why don’t you cut to the cheese?
  29. Why is Christmas considered the cheesiest holiday?Because of baby cheese-us!
  30. Why was the cheese feeling so happy and optimistic?Because it’s gouda brie a good day.

Cheddar Cheese Puns

Cheddar Cheese Puns

  1. Are you seriously addicted to cheddar cheese?Nah, I’d say my case is more mild.
  2. Breakups are tough, but you’re definitely cheddar off without her, man.
  3. Cheddar days are coming.
  4. Cheddar luck next time.
  5. Cheddar now than never.
  6. Don’t cheddar tear over him.
  7. Don’t cheddar tear—everything’s going to be okay1
  8. He always says, “Cheddar safe than sorry.”
  9. It’s always cheddar to give than to receive.
  10. Let me appeal to your cheddar judgment.
  11. Let’s cheddar light on this matter.
  12. Nothing can get cheddar than this.
  13. She’s my cheddar half.
  14. Why did the cheddar cheese decided to go to the gym?To get shredded.
  15. Why did the shredded cheddar cheese get mad when the teacher gave him an F on the test?He felt he had been unfairly grated.
  16. Why does it hurt when you drop a piece of cheddar cheese on your toe?It’s extremely sharp!
  17. Why is cheddar considered as the most dangerous type of cheese?Because it’s sharp.
  18. You cheddar believe it!
  19. You’re cheddar off without him.
  20. You’re such a cheddar box.

Gouda Cheese Puns

Gouda Cheese Puns

  1. All in gouda time.
  2. Be a gouda sport.
  3. Did you deliver the goudas?
  4. For goudaness sake!
  5. Gouda luck on your studies!
  6. I gouda go.
  7. I’ve got gouda news and bad news.
  8. If looks gouda kill.
  9. It’s as gouda as gold.
  10. It’s a gouda sign.
  11. It’s really gouda to have you here.
  12. Keep fighting the gouda fight.
  13. Life’s so gouda.
  14. Talk to you later. I gouda go.
  15. These gouda puns are… gouda.
  16. Wanna hear a really cheesy joke?Nevermind, it’s not that gouda.
  17. Who betrayed Cheesus Christ?Goudas.
  18. Why can’t you trust cheddar cheese?Because it’s no gouda.
  19. Why did the cheese get promoted?He did a really gouda job at work.
  20. Why was the guy afraid to tell his crush a joke about gouda?Because it would have been too cheesy.

Brie Cheese Puns

Brie Cheese Puns

  1. Brie done with it already!
  2. Float like a butterfly, sting like a brie.
  3. Hit me up. I’ll brie around.
  4. I beg to disabrie.
  5. I’m making a brieline for the cheese platter.
  6. Life isn’t all it’s cracked up to brie.
  7. Please brie mine.
  8. This is the start of a brie-utiful friendship.
  9. To brie or not to brie. That is the question.
  10. Wait for me. I’ll brie back.
  11. What did the cheese say after escaping the mouse?Finally, I’m brieeee!
  12. What did the lady do at the mall?She went on a shopping brie
  13. What do you call a cheese that comes in a big wheel?Frisbrie
  14. What kind of music would a slice of cheese like to dance to?R & Brie.
  15. Why couldn’t anyone find the cheesemaker after the accident?Because he was trapped under debrie!
  16. Won’t you brie mine?
  17. You brie long with me.
  18. You sure are the brie’s knees.
  19. You will always brie a part of me.
  20. You’re like two bries in a pod.

Swiss Cheese Puns

Swiss Cheese puns

  1. Be the change you Swiss to see in the world.
  2. Careful what you Swiss for.
  3. Do you know why swiss cheese has holes?No, I’m hole-ly unaware.
  4. Have you been to the Swisstine chapel?
  5. Have you heard about the guy who opened up a store where they only sell swiss cheese?It’s a hole business strategy.
  6. I hope you have a hole lot of fun.
  7. I Swiss you the best in your future endeavors!
  8. I swiss you the best.
  9. I Swiss you the best.
  10. I Swiss you were here.
  11. I’m hole-y unaware of his hypothoswiss.
  12. Let’s work on your hypotheswiss.
  13. She’s my soul swisster.
  14. That’s just Swissful thinking.
  15. This calls for further analyswiss.
  16. This is a cheese criswiss.
  17. We’ll always be soulswissters.
  18. What kind of cheese is religious?Swiss, ’cause it’s hole-y.
  19. What kind of music does swiss cheese like to listen to?Hole-y music.
  20. Why aern’t there a lot of movies about swiss cheese?Because the plot has too many holes.

Nacho Cheese Puns

Nacho Cheese puns

  1. Call me in queso emergency.
  2. He took his nacho pun to the grave to burrito it.
  3. I’m nacho friend.
  4. It’s nacho fault.
  5. Let’s taco-bout your love of nachos.
  6. Queso, what do we do next?
  7. She looked sauce-spicious.
  8. Those are nachos to take.
  9. Today is nacho lucky day.
  10. You’re nacho self today.

Feta Puns

feta cheese puns

  1. Anything you can do, I can do feta.
  2. Feta luck next time.
  3. Feta or not, here I come.
  4. He’s my feta half.
  5. I’m feta by design.
  6. I’m feta up with these cheese puns.
  7. I’ve got a feta idea.
  8. It’s feta to be safe than sorry.
  9. It’s not over ‘til the feta lady sings.
  10. You feta get out of here.

Cheese Jokes


  1. Do you want to hear a cheesy joke?Nevermind, it’s no gouda.
  2. How can you tell when cheese is lying?When it’s too gouda to be true.
  3. What cheese is the most religious?Swiss because it’s hole-y.
  4. What did one cheese say to the other?I’m quite fondue you.
  5. What did the block of cheese say to the taco?Let’s shred light on the matter.
  6. What did the person say when they ate too much cheese?My clothes won’t feta.
  7. What do you call a cheese’s enemy?His arch nemeswiss.
  8. What happened when the air conditioning broke at the cheese’s house? There was a meltdown.
  9. What is a cheese’s favorite Halloween song?The Muenster Mash.
  10. What is cheese’s favorite pasta?Feta-cine.
  11. What is your favorite sushi condiment?Wasabrie.
  12. What monster are cheeses afraid of?Gorgonzilla.
  13. What music does the cheese love?Mozart-ella.
  14. What’s a cheese lover’s favorite music?R&Brie
  15. Where did the cheese go on vacation?The Golden Grate Bridge.
  16. Which cheese is the most dangerous?Sharp cheddar.
  17. Who is the smartest cheese?Cheese Whiz.
  18. Why did the cheese start lifting weights?To get shredded.
  19. Why did the ghost have a stomachache?He was lact-ghost intolerant.
  20. Why does everyone love mozzarella?It’s cheesygoing.


What is a cheese pun?

A cheese pun is a type of wordplay that involves using the name or characteristics of a type of cheese in a clever or humorous way. For example, “Why did the cheese go to the doctor? Because it was feeling blue.”

Why are cheese puns so popular?

Cheese puns are popular for a few reasons. First, puns in general are a powerful form of humor that can make people smile and show off your clever side. Second, cheese is a universally appealing food that almost everyone enjoys. Finally, with so many different types of cheese out there, there’s always a new pun to be made!

How can I incorporate cheese puns into my everyday life?

There are many ways to incorporate cheese puns into your everyday life. You can use them in conversations with friends and family, add them to your social media posts, or even use them in your writing. Just remember to keep them appropriate for the situation and always be respectful of others.

In conclusion, cheese puns are a fun and creative way to add some humor to your life. Whether you’re a cheese lover or just appreciate a good laugh, there’s no denying the power of a well-timed pun. So go ahead, embrace your cheesy side, and start incorporating these puns into your conversations today!

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