50 Prettiest Pom poms Decor Ideas for Your Wedding

[tps_header]Pom poms are a brilliant way to decorate your venue and if you’ve the time and a couple of helpers, they can be a really budget friendly DIY project.They’re super easy to make – use everything from fabric and tissue paper to tulle and magazines to make them (there’s lots of easy tutorials around and the great thing is, they can be made in any color scheme you like. Also pompoms perfectly combine with flowers,garlands and fairy-lights. There’s a plenty opportunities, so just dive into the sea of ideas below and choose what is the most suitable for you.[/tps_header]

Decorated with pom pons, twinkling fairy lights and satin fabric backdrop for couple Incorporate flowers and lighting for the ultimate rustic wedding

Marquee Bunting Pom Poms Ribbon Backdrop Rainbow paper lantern and pom poms wedding decor Paper Pom Poms wedding decoration

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