Discovering Moissanite Wedding Band Magic: Brilliance on a Budget

What seems effortless on the wedding day actually involves a lot of back-end preparations. Among the countless decisions made across all segments of a wedding, one of the most vital turns out to be the decision around the choice of a wedding band. Did you know moissanite wedding bands are in great demand currently?

Moissanite is next to diamond today, but when you read about moissanite more, you might end up considering a moissanite wedding band rather than one made of diamond.

What intrigues people is the magic it can weave in one’s hands despite being a lab-made version way cheaper than diamond. Its popularity is rising so much that people are even making moissanite anniversary rings to include moissanite in their lives. Most couples who were married before moissanite hit the market so hard are now jumping towards moissanite for their anniversary gifts.

As brilliance meets budget, the magic of moissanite wedding bands never stops weaving a charm in any hand it goes. Why it is so mesmerizing and enchanting is what we attempt to unravel through this article.

Moissanite Wedding Band

The Mesmerizing Sparkle of Moissanite

Many of the old-schooled people prefer sticking to diamonds. The top reasons cited for this choice are the natural occurrence of diamonds, their brilliant fire play, and the uniqueness that all humans aspire to have in their lives.

What if we tell you that, though moissanite is lab-made, you will never need to worry about the unethical ways of procurement? Knowing its history, you wouldn’t be able to count the innumerable bloody hands that might have passed it over the centuries. There is no need to feel guilty about the past as it unravels and the bloodshed it has brought with it from one century to another. How would you associate yourself with the guilt that rises inside all of us in knowing most of such tales?

Consider moissanite wedding bands and even when they are manufactured in bulks and made in an enclosed lab environment, you don’t really have to worry about it. There is no past but a future and story that you are about to weave with it. The fire will always be your fire and it will indeed be more unique, without a past, and all this will be only for you.

moissanite rings

Wear a glamorous wedding band, but within your budget

Crafting stereotypes: Moissanite steals the show

They have monopolized the wedding world, and people have run behind it without considering a few very essential points. But today’s generation is different, higher on their EQ than in the past, so they believe when they choose moissanite wedding bands instead of the diamond rings in store.

Moissanite wedding bands do not blood marks, don’t have a bloody history, and shine brilliantly; the fire is more supreme than what diamonds have. Most importantly, a moissanite wedding band begins its journey with you!

A sparkling affair: Moissanite vs. Diamonds

Did you know moissanite is even found naturally? Henri Moissan examined a meteor crater rock sample in 1904, and what he identified by mistake as diamonds later turned out to be moissanite.

Silicon carbide was already used to create moissanite in 1891 by Edward G. Acheson. Moissanite is named to honor Moissan, who found natural moissanite crystals in a meteor.

Lab-created ones are mostly flawless, and all of them gem-quality moissanite was patented by Charles and Colvard first in 1995 C3.

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How do I navigate to the right choice?

Drop for the Moissanite Wedding Band

Its hardness and durability are incomparable and match diamonds in every way. They are available in different cuts, settings, and styles, and choosing the right moissanite wedding band can be as daunting as any other task. What is important to know is that you need to choose the right and most unique style. Something that is unique for you, something that makes you identify your own uniqueness.

Few steps to follow when choosing the Moissanite wedding band:

Keep these pointers in mind, and the world of moissanite will open up to you.

  1. Your moissanite wedding band budget
  2. The goal of your marriage
  3. Determine the shape of your hand
  4. Know the undertone of your skin for the color of the gemstone
  5. Keep in mind the shape of your fingers
  6. Have your profession in mind to ensure your moissanite wedding band does not need to be opened everytime you have something important to do.
  7. The length of your nail
  8. The kind of nail color you prefer wearing
  9. Moissanite wedding bands in white gold as well as yellow gold is stunning. Pink stones fit absolutely well on rose gold. Know your metal and try it even on platinum if you want.

If you know these 8 points above, you can always choose the cut, color, clarity, and shape of your moissanite wedding band gemstone.

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Final Thoughts: A shimmering beginning!

Elegance runs at a budget that is nonetheless brilliant, affordable, and versatile. The alluring reality begins with the moissanite bands and rings, and so do the dreams of a newlywed couple. Stop looking at your purse and start pursuing yourself, as you are more precious than any gemstone. Use a moissanite engagement rings to begin your journey with something that was only made for you.

Moissanite is forever, if you only let it be with you!

Moissanite wedding bands are fresh in energy, and their aura is purer than diamonds as they are reaching you first. Imagine beginning your life with something that has not passed hands, is flawless and as everlasting as diamonds, yet is cheaper, vibrant, and brilliantly adorable.

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