38 Best Engagement Gifts For Couples 2024 – Tips & Etiquette

So, what are the best engagement gifts for couples? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ideas for gifts that will be loved by both the bride and groom. Whether you’re looking for something practical or sentimental, this list has something for everyone on your list! Check out our favorite picks below or browse more ideas in our Engagement Gift Guide 2023.

Best Engagement Gifts

The best engagement gifts don’t have to cost a fortune to be thoughtful and personal. When choosing a gift, remember your relationship with the newly engaged couple. In addition, knowing their passions, favourite things, and personality will help you choose.

Customized Dessert Box

Customized dessert boxes are perfect for celebrations such as engagement, anniversaries, or any other event that needs a sweet treat! They are a fun idea for a gift that can also be customized with photos, text, or a simple message.

Engagement Dessert Box

$65 | Cakebykendyll


Necklace Engagement Gifts are super romantic and have a special personal meaning on personal levels. There are no two people who are similar, so while one couple may wear this day-to-day, someone else may find it a perfect anniversary gift, commemoration, or celebration of a milestone.

Engagement Gift for Daughter Engagement Gift for her from image 2

Couple Watches

Give a watch that will symbolize your eternal love for them, but without the risk of loss or breakage. These watches tell time for couples and feature a heart as an engraving.

His and Hers Minimalist Wood Watches - Couples Wood Watch Set, gift for couple,anniversary gift, couples gift,couple watches

$133.65 | Etsy

Unique Engagement Gifts

The best engagement gifts are unique ones that people will never think to give. See some unique engagement gift ideas that cost between $10 to $200


Give a gift from a tropical destination. Make a custom logo and tie it to a new swimsuit for the soon to be engaged couple. Sure to raise a smile, this gift will be a hit.

Personalized Couples Matching Swimsuits Men's image 1

Canva Banners

This Cute Canva Banner Engagement Gift Package is appropriate for a variety of occasions and for a variety of parties. We suggest showing this as your gift to your guests. Simply open it up and everyone can enjoy the centerpiece, details, decoration, and more.

Custom Name Banner Custom Pennant Personalized Name Wall image 1

Air Plant Terrariums

An attractive terrarium is a unique gift that can last in a room for a long time, sometimes even fifteen years. Give a modern interest to your room by filling a terrarium with unique plants that the recipient will be able to enjoy. A terrarium can be completed independently, and is a perfect addition to any office desk.

Customized Engagement Gifts

Gifts made from the heart are a powerful way for the recipient to remember themselves, particularly as they build their lives, regardless of how they are presented to you. The gifts that you could give could range from sentimental keepsakes to practical wedding gifts. Having custom-made it for them, they would never let go.

Air Plant Terrarium Kit with Gold Hematite Juniper & Moss / image 1

Personalized Coffee Bean Bag

Personalize with your names and the date of your engagement to make the perfect gift for your personalized coffee. This will make any coffee lover happy!

engagement gifts personalized coffee bean bag logiepaperie

Men’s Ring

Give him a classy and bold men’s ring for you, the fashionable and confident man. The presence of prominent heads in platinum and sterling silver attracts men more than men.

The Aloha Koa Ring Black Tungsten Ring Hawaiian Wood Ring image 1

$220 | Etsy

Personalized Face Mask

Choose a face mask that is personalized with the first names of the engaged couple. It’s an interesting and creative idea, and it’s a great option if the couple doesn’t have a preference in what kind of gift to receive.

Mr and Mrs Bride Groom Custom Wedding Face Masks Personalized image 1

$34.72 | Etsy

Hand-Painted Sign

A larger wall sign is a gift that will always put a smile on their face both when they first see it and when they see it a year from now.

Hand painted sign Personalized Slate Chickadee Flower image 2

Last Minute Engagement Gifts

Got the news late or you’ve been confused about what engagement gifts to buy until the last minute? We’ve got you with these ideas.

Pearl Bracelet

Affordably priced, a pearl bracelet is a economical but elegant engagement gift. They are so easy to please and always a hit with the new significant others. The symbolic significance of these rings cannot be denied, as they carry within them the value of a peaceful and prosperous future, of new beginnings as well as the past.

Freshwater Pearls Cat Claw BraceletPearl Adjustable image 1

$28.56 | Etsy

Wifey Tote Bag

Get her excited about becoming a wife with a bag. Give her tote bags personalized with wifey or monogrammed for grocery, work, gym, or beach trips. Make sure that they are durable so she can use them for a long time.

Wifey Beach Bag Wifey Bag Bride Tote Bag Honeymoon Tote Bag image 3

$20.69 | Etsy

Personalized Mugs

Personalized engraved mugs for engaged couples are a sentimental and meaningful gift for a special relationship, to present a sweet token of your love to spend time with, from start till the end of their days. Engraved wedding mugs are the perfect way to share their engagement with all of the important people in their life.

Bride gift box set Future mrs box set Personalized bride mug image 1

$22.5 | Etsy

Engagement Gifts For Women

Engagement gifts for women should be cute, practical, and meaningful. You should get the things that she can use in preparation for the wedding, on the wedding day, or in her everyday life.


A gift that is special is something that conveys how much the person symbolizes to you. A perfect gift for an engagement gift is something that the couple can use when they celebrate their life together. A robe engagement is something that captures the love and light of a couple in a stylish way. The best part is that it can be personalized for the couple not just for the occasion!

Bride gift box set engagement gift idea bride white satin image 1

$50.99 | Etsy


Let her sexy glow by giving her bombshell lingerie and knocking her partner’s socks off. We have all gone on a honeymoon and we will have an unforgettable time together.

Custom Gifts for her Bride Panties Lace Wedding Underwear image 1

Manicure Set

This manicure set is a fun and thoughtful way to turn your friend’s big day into a stress-free nail appointment.

Professional Manicure Set Rose Gold 12 Pcs Pedicure Kit Nail image 1

$24.99 | Etsy


She will have a lot of shopping to do when planning her wedding. To keep her glowing skin, scrubs are thoughtful engagement gifts.

Spa gift set Vegan body butter natural handmade soap sugar image 1

Engagement Gifts For Him

The perfect engagement gifts for him should be useful, practical, and thoughtful. Find some unique ideas that cost between $85 to $370 below.


If your friend has a favorite scent for himself or herself, feel free to splash a little bit of it on your gift and get them something they will love and enjoy. One idea is to get them a bottle of the same cologne that they are already wearing. Include a stylish fragrance bottle.

personalized cologne engagement gifts

Custom Tool Belt

Tools belts are a great engagement gift for the groom that is handyman. Having his tools in his hands helps him do his work with ease.

Leather Tool Belt Personalized Monogrammed Engraved Men's image 1


Personal photographs are among the best engagement gifts for couples because they capture memories that can be kept forever. Whether it’s a drone with an aerial view, a gorgeous lens filter, a selfie stick, a movie camera, the budding couple’s favorite lithe, or a funky lamp, your gift ensures that their engagement will become an unforgettable experience.

engagement gifts for couples camera and date book


He can showcase his personality beautifully by wearing a bracelet. Invest in metals like two-tone gold or platinum where his name is engraved. Gifting it in kind is a thoughtful gesture.

Bracelets for Men or Women Engagement Gifts for Him Engraved image 1

Engagement Gifts For Couples

Couples should choose engagement gifts that are practical or focused on creating quality bonding time. Choose a gift from their registry, but if they don’t have one, you can create something customized to satisfy everyone, ranging from crowd-pleasers to unending crowd-pleasing gifts. Gifts can also be priced differently, so you won’t go overboard with your expectations.


These are some of the most delicious cookies to give to your loved one as an engagement gift. They are not only tempting to eat but will also be the most welcomed coffee time snacks. They are great for options with both dark and milk chocolate, and are low in calories and carbs which promotes healthy living. Plus, they could be an example for your friends in your love for one another as an engagement gift.

Macarons cookie 15 baked to order in collectable Parisian gift image 1

Cider Basket

An extension of his adoration for you, this engagement gift is a perfect original for that special someone. The cider basket is filled with a variety of apple and pear ciders, perfect for fireplace sipping that is sure to bring a smile every time. It adds an earthy touch to any coupling occasion.

Happy Fall Y'all Unique Autumn Inspired Gift Basket Pure image 1

Herb Garden

To create a beautifully designed and sophisticated centerpiece for your own or in memory of your loved one, create a herb garden using an arrangement of flowers, succulents, and herbs.

Herb Garden Kit Indoor Herb Garden Kit Gardening Gift Culinary Herbs

Just Engaged Gifts

Your friends just engaged with cool finds like personalized gifts, household essentials, or a splurge-worthy idea. Choose gifts that fit their lifestyle if you know the couple personally. If you do not, then check their registry or consider safe bets that never fail.


Earrings are some of the most loved engagement gift to couples today. They are stylish, timeless and can be personalized with the couple’s initials. However, be mindful to not overspend and make sure to spend your money on something meaningful.

Bridal Polymer Clay Earrings Bride to Be Wedding Jewelry image 1

Custom Ring Dish

Custom ring dish engagement gifts provide a truly one-of-a-kind design suitable for a variety of tastes. They’re created by metal engravers who understand sourcing, designing and engraving to create a unique piece of metal-based artwork that is as unique as you are. When you give this engagement gift, you’re gifting someone a customized piece of metal, a true work of art that will stand the test of time.

Unique engagement gifts for couple custom ring dish from your image 1

Homemade Soap

Engagement gifts are one of the best ways to show your love and appreciation. One way to go about this is to get married presents that are sent to the couple. For example, if a couple is getting married in the summer, you could send them with a fresh batch of homemade soap.

Our DIY Goats milk soap making kit includes soap molds, cocoa butter soap base, essential oils, and soap dyes.

Gifts For Newly Engaged Daughter

Gifts for a newly engaged daughter are nothing but thoughtful. She would love a gift that speaks to her and connects to you. Simply choose a gift based on her hobbies, passion, wishes, or what she needs for the days ahead.

Box With Cakes

A box of cake from a favorite bakery is the perfect idea for an engagement anniversary gift.

purple dessert box personalise


Headpieces aren’t just reserved for brides anymore; they are a staple accessory for basically every wedding in the industry. An extravagant headpiece engagement gifts, like handcrafted custom headpieces, can enhance the look of a look, or can also be a meaningful, budget-friendly option for your big day. They’re also perfect for other formal occasions like engagements, birthdays, or even anniversaries.

Bride to Be Hen Party Crown in Gold and White Extravagant image 4


This might be the best engagement gift for couples because it truly speaks to the heart of a person. It’s not practical or stylish, but it will always be loved and remembered. Examples of this are food recipes that are created together. They will love to use them together and relax by the fire while they cook.

Personalized Recipe Book Custom recipe journal Custom image 2

Memory Frame

If you’re on the hunt for an adorable engagement gift for your friend, consider this memory frame.

Engagement Gift Personalised Gift for Engaged Couple Wooden image 1

Engagement Gifts For Sister

Whether you’re getting engagement gifts for a newly engaged daughter or sister, it is more personalized because they’re a part of you. See ideas below.

Personalized Wine Bottle

This gift is perfect for two people in love who want to express their love with a custom engraved wine bottle.

Custom Photo Wine Label/Personalized Engagement Wine image 1

Cupcake Set

There are many gift sets out there for the person you are dating, but most of these gift sets are small. That might be okay, but it would be better to have one that is more considerable, not just smaller. That is why this cupcake set is a great choice. It is fairly large and they come in a variety of flavors.

laurynmariebakes Cupcake Decorating Ideas #cakes #cupcakes


Give her something blue, whether she would throw it or not, like the garter. You can use lace, silk, or encrusted styling, which will serve as a keepsake.

Sexy wide ruffle tulle wedding garter with golden crystals and pearls with thin fancy pearl wedding garter

Jewelry Storage Box

If you want to give your daughter a truly meaningful engagement gift, look no further than a beautiful and functional jewelry storage box. Here are some of the best choices and why they’re awesome.

2 Layer Jewelry Organizer Box Customized Name Jewelry Cases image 1

Engagement Gifts For Friends

The best engagement gifts for friends are thoughtful, versatile, and creative. See some ideas below.

Homemade Jam

Homemade jam gift ideas can be the perfect option for your new husband-to-be. Know how to condition a crockpot to create jam, and you’ll make the ultimate homemade jam engagement present. Make jam gifts with love and luxury, and you’ll make your friends and family’s days when they find out.

Pick 3 Homemade Jam or Jelly in 8 oz jars Wide Assortment of image 5

Cookie Mix Jar

Coolers and pitchers make great gifts for any occasion, but when given as a couple you may want to consider purchasing an item that’s a little more personalized, like a cookie mix jar. There are a range of decorations, labels and gift tags available, which makes this jar a perfect and thoughtful gift for the person you’re looking to entice with your love mixed with oven-baked goodness.

Cookie Mix Jar

Scented Candles

Candles have been one of the most traditionally symbolic gifts for an engagement. If you want to get a couple excited about their future, then why not surprise them with a scented candle. These candles will fill the room with notes of sweetness and are also more eco-friendly as many find that flameless candles emit more light.

Engagement Gift Engagement Candle Personalized Gift image 1

$24 | Etsy

Engagement Gift Etiquette

The fact is that bringing engagement party gifts isn’t necessary but appreciated. If you aren’t too close to the couple, then you can skip it. But if you have a bond with them and have the urge to commemorate their day with a gift, do so.

Vouchers, gift cards, and packaged cash remain the best impersonal gifts. However, if you want celebratory gifts, opt for decorative picture frames, champagne flutes, or a nice bottle of wine.

Yes, it’s a very acceptable gift, but there’s a caveat. Give only checks and state your intention for the money even though it could be used for something else. This helps the couple feel more comfortable with accepting it.

There isn’t a hard and fast rule, as it largely depends on your relationship with the couple and budget. But for the purpose of a guide, give about one-quarter of what the actual wedding gift will cost.


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