100 Colorful Mexican Festive Wedding Ideas

You don’t have to celebrate your wedding on Cinco de Mayo or Day of the Dead or even in Mexico to incorporate any of these ideas for a Mexican wedding theme. In fact, it’s kind of more fun if you’re not!

There are so many amazing ideas to borrow for a Mexican wedding theme, all of which are pretty much made for warm weather spring or summer weddings. From Mexican tile coasters as wedding favors to Mexican popsicles (Paletas) to molcajete centerpieces or Mexican blankets at your wedding ceremony, we did not have a hard time finding amazing ideas for a Mexican wedding theme in the gallery above.[/tps_header]
Cinco de Mayo Wedding InspirationColorful fiesta-themed flowers and reception decor

pink mint festive wedding archcolorful festive wedding backdroparray of bouquets for a bride and her bridesmaids

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