9 Marriage Proposal Ideas We Love [Guide & Tips]

Are you ready to pop the big question? Congratulations! You are about to embark on an exciting new journey with your partner, but first, you need to plan the perfect marriage proposal. After all, this is a moment you both will remember for the rest of your lives. In this post, we will discuss the most romantic, creative, and unforgettable marriage proposal ideas to help you make the moment special.

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The Most Romantic Wedding Proposal Ideas

If you want to create a romantic and intimate proposal, consider some of these ideas:

  1. A candlelit dinner for two: Set up a private dinner at home or at a restaurant with soft music, candles, and their favorite meal. Propose during dessert for an unforgettable moment.
  2. A walk on the beach: Take a walk on the beach at sunset and propose as the sun dips below the horizon.
  3. A surprise trip: Plan a surprise weekend getaway to a romantic destination and propose during a special activity or dinner.
  4. A hot air balloon ride: Take your partner on a hot air balloon ride at sunrise or sunset and propose as you float through the sky.

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Outdoor Proposal Ideas

If you and your partner enjoy spending time in nature, consider proposing in an outdoor setting. Here are some ideas:

  1. A hike with a view: Plan a hike to a scenic location and propose when you reach the top.
  2. A picnic in the park: Set up a romantic picnic in a secluded area of a park or garden and propose during dessert.
  3. A camping trip: Plan a weekend camping trip and propose under the stars by the campfire.
  4. A beach proposal: Propose on the beach with the sand between your toes and the sound of the waves in the background.

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Luxury Proposal Ideas

If you are looking to go all out for your proposal, consider these luxury ideas:

  1. A private yacht: Rent a private yacht for the day and propose on board with a stunning view of the ocean.
  2. A helicopter ride: Take a private helicopter tour over a scenic location and propose in the sky.
  3. A fancy restaurant: Make a reservation at a fancy restaurant and propose over a gourmet meal and champagne.
  4. A proposal planner: Hire a proposal planner to create a custom proposal experience tailored to your partner’s interests and preferences.

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So Tender And Touching Proposals

If you want to create a touching and emotional proposal, consider some of these ideas:

  1. A scavenger hunt: Plan a scavenger hunt with clues leading to sentimental locations and objects, culminating in a proposal.
  2. A surprise visit: Plan a surprise visit to a location that holds special meaning for both of you and propose there.
  3. A photo album: Create a photo album or scrapbook of your relationship and end it with a proposal.
  4. A romantic movie: Create a custom movie with pictures and videos of your relationship and propose at the end.

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Incredible Paris

Paris is known as the city of love, and for a good reason. Here are some proposal ideas for the romantic city:

  1. A proposal at the Eiffel Tower: Propose at the top of the Eiffel Tower with the stunning view of Paris below.
  2. A romantic boat ride: Take a boat ride on the Seine River and propose as you pass by the iconic landmarks of Paris.
  3. A picnic in the park: Set up a romantic picnic in the Tuileries Garden or Luxembourg Garden and propose during dessert.
  4. A proposal in a French restaurant: Make a reservation at a romantic French restaurant and propose over a delicious meal.

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Cute And Romantic Proposal Ideas

If you want to create a cute and romantic proposal, consider some of these ideas:

  1. A surprise party: Plan a surprise party with your partner’s friends and family and propose in front of everyone.
  2. A personalized puzzle: Create a personalized puzzle with a picture of the two of you and propose as you complete the puzzle together.
  3. A message in a bottle: Write a love letter and place it in a bottle, then propose on a beach or by a lake.
  4. A surprise performance: Plan a surprise performance with a flash mob or live musicians and propose at the end.

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She Won’t Be Able To Resist

If you want to create a proposal that your partner won’t be able to resist, consider some of these ideas:

  1. A puppy proposal: Surprise your partner with a new puppy and a collar with a tag that says “Will You Marry Me?”
  2. A custom fortune cookie: Have a custom fortune cookie made with the proposal message inside and surprise your partner with it at a Chinese restaurant.
  3. A message in the sky: Hire a plane to fly a banner with the proposal message over a location where you and your partner are spending time.
  4. A proposal flash mob: Plan a flash mob with a group of dancers or performers and propose in the middle of the crowd.

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Absolutely Unexpected Proposals

If you want to create a completely unexpected proposal, consider some of these ideas:

  1. A proposal during a sports game: Propose on the big screen at a sports game or during halftime.
  2. A proposal during a concert: Propose on stage during a concert with the help of the performer.
  3. A proposal at work: Surprise your partner at work with a proposal during a break or lunch.
  4. A proposal on a rollercoaster: Propose on a rollercoaster at the peak of the ride for a thrilling and unexpected moment.

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One Second After Proposal

After the proposal, it’s important to celebrate and enjoy the moment. Here are some ideas for what to do after the proposal:

  1. A surprise celebration: Plan a surprise celebration with friends and family to celebrate the engagement.
  2. A romantic dinner: Have a romantic dinner at a favorite restaurant to celebrate.
  3. A weekend getaway: Plan a weekend getaway to a romantic destination to celebrate the engagement.
  4. A photoshoot: Have a photoshoot to capture the moment and create lasting memories.

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How can I make my proposal unique?

Think about your partner’s interests, personality, and preferences, and tailor the proposal to them. Consider incorporating sentimental locations or objects, and get creative with the delivery of the proposal.

When is the best time to propose?

The best time to propose is when you and your partner are both ready for marriage and have discussed it beforehand. Choose a meaningful time or location that is special to both of you.

Should I involve others in my proposal?

It depends on your partner’s preferences. Some people prefer a private proposal, while others would love to have friends and family involved in the moment. Consider what your partner would prefer and plan accordingly.

How can I calm my nerves before proposing?

Take deep breaths, practice what you want to say, and remind yourself that this is a moment to celebrate your love for your partner. Remember that it’s okay to be nervous, and that your partner will appreciate the effort you put into the proposal.

In conclusion, a marriage proposal is a special and memorable moment that you and your partner will remember for the rest of your lives. By considering these proposal ideas and tailoring them to your partner’s interests and preferences, you can create a proposal that is romantic, unique, and unforgettable. Remember to enjoy the moment and celebrate your love for each other.


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