The Top Reasons Couples Don’t Hire A Wedding Videographer

In planning a wedding, the number of decisions that need to be made and details that need to be covered can be overwhelming. Hiring a professional wedding videographer is one of the key components of depicting the memories of such a wonderful event and a lot of people are wondering is wedding videography worth it and if should i get a videographer for wedding. On the other hand, many couples opt out of video coverage for several reasons. In this article, we will look at some of the key reasons why many couples choose not to hire wedding videographers for their special day and you can make your own decision on do you need a videographer for wedding or not.

Hire A Wedding Videographer 1

1. Cost

Cost is a major reason many couples shy away from wedding videography. Videography in weddings may be a large amount to cater for, and if added to the already expensive wedding plans, it can greatly increase its budget. This raises the question of whether wedding videographers are worth it? However, before videography, the couples can think of other sections of the budget, such as venue, catering, or photography.

2. Prioritizing photography

Some couples may recognize the value of cinematography for capturing their wedding day on film. However, others may still prefer photography to videography. They might think that still frames could be enough for their memory keeping and they will opt for a professional photographer instead of a videographer.

3. Trusting friends and family

In some situations, the couples may be helped out by their friends or relatives in the capture of their wedding day videography. They may ask a friend who knows how to shoot a camera or a relative who loves doing videography to film the event rather than employing a professional photographer. Using outsource wedding video editing services you can easily turn several live videos into a professional-looking final product.

4. Dislike of being on camera

Some couples do not feel comfortable being filmed and want their weddings to be even more private. They might find it uncomfortable or nerve-wracking to have cameras focused on them and prefer using pictures instead as a way of remembering that day.

5. Time constraints

This is because the period leading up to the wedding can be very hectic and stressful for the couple, which will cause some of them to be overwhelmed with all these choices and discussions of details. The process of hiring a videographer and thinking about who do I hire to film a wedding or how long does it take to get a wedding video back involves additional hours spent on research, meetings with potential suppliers, and logistics organization. Some other couples may not have time to hire videographers because they are too tired.

Hire A Wedding Videographer 2

6. Few people like watching the video

This is not what many couples want because viewing such videos might turn out to be quite boring. Perhaps, they will think about the film of this day as something that they will just watch on rare occasions or which will never really add up in their memories. Other pairs prefer scrolling through photos and videos rather than preserving them.

7. Ignorance of advantages

Finally, some partners may not know why one should hire wedding videographer; hence they do not. At times they might be unaware of the emotional consequences of playing through their wedding day in a video or catching moments and sentiments that were not fully captured by the photographs alone.

There are plenty of reasons why couples may make the decision not to hire a wedding videographer. Still, it is also important to understand the significance of the value that professional videography brings in recording the happenings of this special occasion. An experienced videographer can shoot your romantic wedding day in a brilliant and filmmaking manner that you can enjoy for life. So, the final decision on is wedding videography worth it is always up to you.


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