Emerald Engagement Rings: 40 Ideas + Expert Tips

An emerald engagement ring can be the perfect choice for you if you adore the style of a classic diamond engagement band but want a sparkler that expresses your individuality. Emeralds, a kind of the mineral beryl, are prized for their striking green color and numerous romantic and historical associations. Here is everything you need to know about this mysterious green gemstone.

What Does an Emerald Engagement Ring Signify?

Despite being the “it” stone of 2022, emeralds have long been one of the most prized precious gems. The emerald has been associated with eternal love ever since the time of ancient Greece when it was thought to be the sacred stone of the goddess Aphrodite. As talismans, emeralds were also thought to promote power and fortune. Even doctors from the Arab, Hindu and Spanish cultures employed emeralds to ward off infection and poison. Aside from its alleged magical abilities, this stunning green gemstone has also been linked to tranquility, peace, and fresh starts (how appropriate is that for a wedding band?). The traditional birthstone for May in modern times is the emerald, which is also the gem for the astrological sign of cancer.

Emerald Cut vs. Emerald Gemstone

The emerald cut, which was first designed for emerald gemstones, evolved into a well-liked diamond cut in the 14th century. When viewed from the top, this design has a wide, flat plane that resembles stairs. The emerald cut is frequently referred to as a “step-cut” a result. The rectangular emerald cut creates a lovely “Hall of Mirrors” effect with long, dramatic lines and a soft brilliance, but it does not shine as brightly as other forms (such as the round brilliant cut or princess cut).

Caring For Your Emerald Engagement Ring

Real talk: Although these green jewels are beautiful, they are also very delicate. When compared to a standard diamond engagement ring, emeralds have more breaking points because they have more inclusions. But don’t let that stop you from everyday flashing your emerald wedding band. Just be careful with your emerald ring (like you would any special jewelry), avoid bumping against anything, and take it off before working out. It’s important to store your emeralds properly when they’re not being worn. To prevent them from coming into contact with other jewelry, keep them in a separate case. Avoid using ultrasonic or steam cleaners or high temperatures to polish your stone as these can harm the treatment on your emerald. Never use strong chemicals or industrial cleaners on your emerald. Cleaning your emerald is advised to be done using cool water, a very mild soap, and a soft-bristle toothbrush.

Have your jeweler periodically examine the security of the stone if you possess an antique item; prong settings, in particular, are prone to becoming looser with use.

Halo Emerald

Lab emerald halo engagement ring
Lab emerald halo engagement ring

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Three Stones Emerald

Emerald engagement ring Natural emerald & diamond ring image 2

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Emerald-Cut Emerald

unique emerald engagement ring
unique emerald engagement ring

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Vintage Emerald

Vintage Emerald Oval Halo Engagement Ring
Vintage Emerald Oval Halo Engagement Ring

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Emerald Sets

halo emerald engagement ring set
halo emerald engagement ring set

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Rose Gold Emerald

Emerald Diamond Ring Rose Gold Natural Emerald Engagement image 1
Natural Emerald Engagement Ring

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Oval Emerald

Vera Emerald Engagement Ring Set Emerald diamond ring set image 2
Emerald diamond ring set with side marquise diamonds

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