How To Prepare The Wedding Speech For Best Friend [Examples & Tips]

You’ve been asked to write your best friend’s speech at their wedding, and you’re panicking about how to write the perfect speech for them?

Worry not, if you’re looking for a way to make your best friend burst into tears knowing what a great friend they have, then you’re at the right place.

In no time, you will be able to master your writing techniques and give them that wedding speech she’s always wanted.

If you’re also stressed about the perfect gift, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t, and besides all of the reasons we mentioned, this wedding speech is the best gift you can give.

Wedding speeches are very important, especially when it comes to entertaining people and enhancing the ceremony, when asked if 81% of the guests remember the best being the entertainment.

Start writing right away if you want to save your best friend’s special day with an incredible speech.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivering a best friend speech at a wedding offers you the opportunity to speak about your close friend, whether they be the bride or groom. Share the tale of the couple’s romance and highlight your best friend’s partner’s positive attributes.

In crafting a message for your best friend’s wedding card, it’s appropriate to express your warmest wishes for them, their spouse, and their future together. Consider writing sentiments such as, “May your love continue to thrive and bring you happiness forever” or “Wishing you a lifetime of blissful joy together.

Best Friend Wedding Speech: Everything You Need To Know

You and your best friend are dear friends, and witnessing their wedding would bring joy and a variety of emotions. Your speech at their wedding can give you an opportunity to communicate your feelings to your friend.

Top of our wedding speech ideas for a best friend is to make your wedding speech personal. The best friend you know more than most people. You know what they want to hear as well as what they need to hear, and that’s okay with them. You can mention incidents that helped reveal their good qualities and their value in your life. Values that they would no doubt carry into marriage.

Keep your eye on the couple as it’s their day. It’s okay to talk about your friend, but you should also find points of kinship with her partner and their relationship.

When To Give Best Friend Speech At Wedding?

Wedding speeches are not set in stone. However, traditionally, the father of the bride speaks first, followed by the groom, and then the best man or maid of honor. Therefore, you can expect to speak sometime after the groom has spoken, and before or after any members of your bridal party.

How Long Should The Speech Be?

A wedding toast or speech for a best friend is ideal for five minutes. However, some speeches can last longer. You must keep your speech under ten minutes if you want your guests to have fun. It should also not be shorter than three minutes, otherwise you would not be able to say anything meaningful at all.

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5 Steps To Create The Wedding Speech For Best Friend

The honor of speaking for a best friend on their wedding is always a joy. If you have difficulties composing or giving speeches, you can follow these practical steps.

  • Introduce yourself: Introducing yourself is a great way to start since not everyone there might know who you are. It’s also the polite thing to do. You should also acknowledge the guests and thank them for being there.
  • Say some words about the wedding and the newlyweds: Talk about the couple, their love, perhaps the story of how they met and what they mean to you.
  • Say some words about your friend: There will no doubt be lots you would want to say about your friend. However, it’s a good idea to compress it to a memory or story that expresses more about their character, also something that you can connect to their relationship and to their partner.
  • Add a joke or a quote: If you have any good best friend wedding speech quotes, this would be a good time to interject them. You could give one or two, not to make your speech too long.
  • Say congratulation words: End your speech with your well wishes for the couple and a toast if possible.

Dos And Don’ts For Wedding Toast Speech For Best Friend

While a guide for giving wedding speeches can be helpful, we find that knowing certain do’s and don’ts for best friend wedding speech ideas can be helpful as well.


  • Start with an introduction: It’s the polite thing to do, but also not everybody might know who you are.
  • Welcome the newlyweds and the guests: Welcome everyone, and thank the guests especially for taking the time to be there for the celebration.
  • Share stories about your best friend: You know them more than most, so this would be a good time to highlight their good qualities. If you’d like to give a funny best friend wedding speech you could include a hilarious memory here.
  • Say something nice about your friend’s partner: If you have any anecdotes about how they met, you could include that too.
  • End with good wishes for the couple: Say some inspiring words. Then, you can add a toast as well.


  • Do not introduce bad memories: This is a day to celebrate with your friend and their family. If you have any bad memories or even any disagreements, this is not the place to bring that up. Focus on the happiness and love of the day. Everything else can come afterwards.
  • Don’t overshare: Be careful what you share. Some things are too personal to tell to a crowd. Choose to share what you know your friend would be comfortable with and the guests will be happy to hear. Don’t share any stories that would make anyone uncomfortable.
  • Do not make costly jokes: Jokes are only great when they are in good humor. Keep your jokes clean and try to strike a balance. Do not allow your jokes cross the line from funny into offensive. Light humor is always best.
  • Don’t make your speech long and boring: The perfect timing for a speech is between three and five minutes. So, don’t make your speech too short that the message gets lost. But don’t allow it get so long that the audience begins to get bored and distracted.
  • Do not mention any exes: Whether it’s your friend’s exes or their partner’s. This is not a good time to mention them. Exes belong in the past. Focus on the present, on the couple and on their joyous celebration.

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Best Friend Wedding Speech Examples

You can also provide examples of how the outline is used to help you deliver the best wedding speech. Here are some example wedding speech examples to help you put those words together in order to honor your best friend on their special day.

Hello everyone! My name is _, I am the best friend of the bride.
They say that good things happen to good people. And today, we can see this for ourselves!
I have known the bride since childhood and the groom for about 5 years. And I think they are just made for each other! They had found their balance; she had found her calm, and he had found his fire.
_ is without a doubt one of the most amazing people I know; she is kind and loving, funny and fierce. So I can confidently say that I am very lucky to have such a friend.
_, I want to thank you for loving my girl. There is no one who can do it as well as you. For the newlyweds! Be happy!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! For those who don’t know me – I’m _, the bride’s best friend.
I am honored to be here today and, in general, to be her friend. Her warmth and generous nature draw people to her. She is brave and full of love. This is the kindest person I know, and I am sure that _ will be able to make her happy for many, many years. They are so similar! Don’t you think? Both in their appearance and in personality! This is truly one of those unions that were made in heaven!
Let’s raise our glasses to this beautiful couple! You are perfect! Cheers!

Hi all! My name is _, I am the best friend of the groom.
What is love? It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, and impossible to live without. I’m just incredibly happy that _ was able to find such a beautiful girl, and today we are all here at their wedding, celebrating their love!
When we were 9 years old, we promised each other never to get married. Haha. _, do you remember? And here we are, and today I am happy as ever, oh, I already said that, sorry!
Be happy, my dear, you have a long and interesting life ahead of you! Enjoy it!

Good evening everyone! I’m so glad to be here today. My name is_, I’m the groom’s best friend.
_ and I became friends in college – we played soccer together and liked to go to parties. And one day, at one of the parties, he disappeared. I was looking for him the whole evening, already beginning to worry. And then it turned out that he met our bride and they went to look at the stars. And then I realized that now _ would appear in our company often. Haha.
5 years have passed, and here we are today! You are so beautiful, it’s incredible! And you are so happy! Please be so happy always!
And on that note, I ask you all to raise a toast to our newlyweds! Cheers!

You don’t have to worry about whether you must give a wedding speech to a best friend. You can improve your writing skills with the right tips and guidance and create a wedding speech your friend will be proud of. When you’ve written a speech that you’re sure of, delivering it on that day will be like a walk in the park.

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