10 Best Cities for Single Women

Being single can be an exhilarating experience, especially for young professionals who are starting to make money for the first time. With all these resources at your disposal, you can hit the bars every night, indulge yourself in fine dining, and become a member of several social clubs.

However, this freedom might not mean a thing if you live in a backwater town. “Spending prolonged time in cities like NY and LA can be an eye opening experience for young ladies,” claims BridesUniverse wife finder that can assist you in searching single ladies for marriage as well as single guys. Among others, BridesUniverse also provides info about dating apps and mail-order bride websites.

This guide analyzes the best US cities for girls who are single, earning good money, and just want to have fun. Hopefully, you’ll end up in one of them!

Best Cities for Single Women 2

1.New York, New York

We don’t have to explain in detail why New York is the best city for single women. As one of the biggest, most popular cities in the world, NY can offer a little bit of everything to the locals. You can watch the freshest shows on Broadway, relax in one of the numerous rooftop lounges, or go to Madison Square Garden and watch a Knicks game.

The best thing about the city is that you always meet new people making it a perfect place for casual flings. You can also find a boyfriend or a girlfriend from renowned local families, setting yourself up for a happy and fulfilled life.

2.Austin, Texas

Most people don’t necessarily think of Austin when we talk about the best places for singles. Nevertheless, this city can get quite hectic during the night, especially around Sixth Street. This area is much more popular among locals, as tourists stick to other zones. Furthermore, Sixth Street is also famous for its cozy dive bars, which are perfect for casual hookups.

It also helps that everything’s bigger in Texas. Whataburger, in particular, is extremely popular around these parts and if you prefer something fancy, you can always hit the local steakhouses. The locals are extremely welcoming, the city is clean, and so we wouldn’t be surprised if you make it a permanent residence.

3.New Orleans, Louisiana

While you might think that Mardi Gras is only once a year, the New Orleanais are always in the festive mood. The Frenchmen and Bourbon Street, in particular, are lively year-round and make for some of the best day parties in the US. The best thing yet is that the city isn’t as assuming as some other spots in America, providing a completely different party and dating experience.

Of course, we can’t neglect unique Creole culture and theater. We would also recommend numerous jazz and blues bars, which are fantastic for work days when you just want to chill and wind down.

4.Chicago, Illinois

As the third-biggest city in the US, Chicago never disappoints partygoers. The most popular places to go out include Andersonville, Logan Square, and Pilsen, which are littered with numerous bars, lounges, and clubs. Downtown rooftop bars are another major attraction, luring locals and tourists alike.

But the thing we love the most about this place are its beautiful gardens and green areas. Chicago Botanic Garden and Garfield Park Conservatory, in particular, are very popular among ladies who love the feeling of nature within urban environment.

5.Nashville, Tennessee

Whether you like Nashville or not depends on your hobbies. The city is a Mecca for music lovers, featuring numerous bars and clubs with jazz, rock, country, and blues bands. We suggest you head out to Lower Broadway and visit places such as the legendary Willie and Waylon. Alternatively, you can go to the 12-South area, which has fewer tourists.

Besides music, the city is also great if you’re a sports fan. Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators are the biggest teams you can watch, but you can also enjoy NCAA squads. The city also features numerous fun activities, including canoeing, ziplining, and paddleboarding.

Best Cities for Single Women 1

6.Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City is the best way to describe this lively city smack bang in the middle of a desert. Given all the entertainment, it’s a perfect city for single guys, but it also provides lots of entertainment for ladies. Of course, Las Vegas will be much better once you create social connections as you’ll be able to experience it to its fullest.

Our favorite spots include Cadillac Ranch, Blue Martini, and Downtown Cocktail Room. Checking out the casinos is a good pastime, but don’t make a habit out of it!

7.Miami, Florida

Miami is renowned for its hookup culture and handsome Cubanos. Miami Design District, South Beach, and Brickell are the best neighborhoods for partying, and we recommend you check out spots like Space, Story, LIV, and E11even. If you don’t mind driving to Lakeland, you can find other types of sexy parties.

8.Denver, Colorado

Denver is one of the most underrated cities in the US, in every sense of the world. Not only is this city ideal for girls who love the outdoors, but it also features some of the best venues in the entire North America. The locals simply love their beer and pubs, and you’ll also be glad to hear that locals are rather buffed.

9.Providence, Rhode Island

Unlike most other places on the list, Providence is much better for girls looking for a calm and relaxing life. Nevertheless, the city has its fair share of clubs and is voted as the best place for finding singles in bars by America’s Favorite Cities survey. If you ever visit the place, we suggest you go to Federal Hill, where most of the parties are held.

10.San Francisco

Ladies looking for same-sex affairs can’t go wrong with San Francisco. This place is known as one of the most liberal, progressive cities in the US. As for the bars and clubs, most of them are located in the Marina, Mission District, and the Tenderloin.

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