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40 Acrylic and Lucite Wedding Decor Ideas

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[tps_header]Sheer wedding details has become a big trend, it fits lots of wedding themes, from glam to modern. Acryl and lucite are here to spruce up your wedding décor a little bit . It’s the perfect blend of modern and minimalist style that would look great at any wedding, whether you walk down the aisle past rows of lucite chairs or read off a hand-lettered lucite menu. It’s a *clear* contender for your wedding decor and is going to be all the rage for 2017.  Check out these 15 modern lucite details you and your dearly beloved will love.[/tps_header]

unique wedding reception menu card plexi acrylic wedding invitation modern suspended acrylic seating chart hand calligraphed lucite seating chart dripping with eucalyptus

acrylic and calligraphy menu acrylic and wood seating chart acrylic board wedding seating chart and escort card display acrylic tile table numbers
acrylic wedding cake stand table acrylic wedding decor

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